About Annuity Production

Cash Flow Connections


This platform is a marketplace for businesses enabling owners to market their numbers, and allowing potential owners to shop around for deals.

There are a few classes of users that are recommended to use this platform. They are the facilitators of the transactions, sellers, buyers, owners, lenders, staff, those offering jobs at these businesses, accountants, and auditors.

The core concept herein pertains to the cash a business generates. The market that is created here is based on a company’s proforma, actual, projected, or forecasted cash flow. The goal is to provide a low level of misstatement that is material, and attempts are made to filter out noise, fraud, and error.

Understand when using this platform that there is a reasonably high level of misstatement risk in the projections, forecast, and fianncial statement. The information on this site advertises, unless stated otherwise, is unaudited. The projections and forecasts, and all other statements provided are only meant to provide a reasonable basis. If you're concerned with the accuracy it is recommended users use our auditing services.


For owners with assets, properties, and businesses this portal can be used to post such jobs.

Service Offerings and Resumes

If you have something to offer post your services or resume.

Many different types of service providers, individual specialists and contributors should their services and work experience here. If your firm is lender (or loan committee) that is currently monitoring delinquencies and needs delinquency management expertise, you are looking to hire a due diligence expert (due diligence material gathering), or audit a professional please search the staff feed. In addition, it is highly encouraged all parties who believe they have something to offer that will contribute revenue generating, or monitoring activities (leaders or employees) to post resumes highlighting the ways they can produce for the business.


There is a long list of independent type parties that can become involved in maintaining and managing before tax cash flows.

Customers, clients, suppliers/bendors, investors, owners, operators, employees, those charged with governance, and boards all have a role to play.

The list is quite broad and vast, and depends on the business line, entity, or asset with that provides a flow of capital.

Cash Flows

A couple different approaches are used to define of cash flow. It often the yearly revenues minus expenses that takes a couple other factors from the balance sheet into consideration to calculate operating income, but there are more simpler models. That is left up to the party entering it who determines the exact calculation. It is this before tax income that is the yearly income typically measure at the end of a period. There is a also a going in rate (the cost to acquire the asset), and a terminal rate (sale price).

Property, Plants, and Equipment, bonds, financial assets, intangible property, internet properties, and real estate are types of business that can generate income. The cash flow provided can be negative or positive. There is no discrimation on the business types who are recommmended to use this system. Most types of busiensses are welcome to financial statements.